As an Academy, the school is owned by the Henleaze Junior School Trust, which effectively owns the premises and employs the school staff.

The Directors of the Trust are required to appoint a Board of Governors to make decisions about how the school is run. Our Governors are all also Trustees.

Parent governor vacancies - October 2021

As well as community governors and staff governors, we have up to 5 parent governors who are appointed after being nominated by parents of children at the school.

We currently have two vacancies for parent governors. Please download and read the attached letter for details of what is involved, and how to apply. The deadline for nominations is Friday 12th November at midday.

There is a link to the online nomination form within the letter. Alternatively, if you prefer pen and paper, you can find a downloadable form below which can be returned to the school office.

Who are the Governors?

Jayne Storey
Parent governor
Hazel Phillips
Chair of Governors
Ian Irvine
Community Governor
Ben McLewis
Community Governor
Rekha Rao-Nicholson
Community Governor
Shona Howard
Community Governor
Julian Wenban
Community Governor

What do Governors do?

The National Governors' Association defines the key roles of school governors as:

  1. setting the aims and objectives for the school
  2. setting the policies for achieving those aims and objectives
  3. setting the targets for achieving those aims and objectives
  4. monitoring and evaluating the progress the school is making towards achievement of its aims and objectives
  5. challenging and supporting the headteacher, as a "critical friend"

School Governors have legal duties, powers and responsibilities. They must act together; they cannot act individually.

School governors are:

  • Parents.
  • Staff at the school.
  • People appointed by the Trustees because of the professional skills and experience they may bring to the governing body.

Parent governors:

  • Have a child in the school.
  • Are elected by parents of the school.
  • Serve, as do other Governors, for four years.

Parent Governors bring the views of parents to the Governing Body, but they speak and act as individuals. They should not be thought of as delegates or "mouthpieces" of the parents; they do not vote for all parents in general. They have equal status in the work of the Governing Body and have voting rights.

Committees and meetings:

The full governing body meets 6 times a year. Much of the business of governance is delegated to two sub committees: the Finance and Resources Committee (FR), and the Pupil Progress and Curriculum Committee (PPC).

In addition to these committees, which havee decision making powers, there is also the Henleaze Campus Collaboration Committee (H3C), whose members represent the three schools on the campus. This ensures that there is good cooperation, collaboration and communication between Henleaze Junior School, Henleaze Infant School and Claremont Special School.

Contacting the Governors

The Governors welcome contact with members of the school community. Although they are not always in or around the school, they can be contacted by phone or email. The Office Staff can provide contact information.

Email the Chair of Governors directly by writing to

Complaints procedure

In the event of any complaint about the school, in the first instance contact should be made with the school leadership team. If issues cannot be resolved, there is an official complaints procedure.

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