Teaching and Learning

What are the distinctive features of a Henleaze Junior School education?

Visitors to Henleaze Junior School will notice a happy buzz of learning around the place. Adults and children alike enjoy the challenges and excitement of education.

Behaviour and attendance are excellent. As a result, our teachers are able to put their energy into teaching, and our children are able to concentrate on learning. These things don't happen by accident. It takes a lot of hard work, and real partnership between pupils, staff, parents and governors.

Creating the right conditions for learning

Children cannot get the best out of school if they are tired, anxious, unhappy or unwell. First and foremost, we set out to create an environment where children know that they are cared for. The physical environment has to be attractive and safe, but just as importantly, the relationships between people have to inspire trust and confidence.

A warm welcome first thing in the morning gets everyone off to a good start. That applies in the Staff Room just as much as in the playground or classroom. The Head's daily message on the blackboard (and Twitter for those that can't make it into school) means that his presence is very much evident. Children and adults greet each other with smiles and polite conversation. Some of our children are met individually in the morning in order to ensure a smooth start to the day.

There is a learning atmosphere in the classrooms. Children will not necessarily be sitting in silence, heads down in books. They are just as likely to be talking to partners or in groups about their ideas, before sharing with the rest of the class.

It's OK to make mistakes, or to admit you do not not know. Children know that they learn from mistakes, and that it is acceptable to ask questions when you are uncertain. The HJS Yeti encourages children to adopt a growth mindset, replacing "I can't do it," with "I can't do it yet!"


Curriculum is more than just reading, writing and arithmetic.

The curriculum at Henleaze involves everything from sports to science, from computing to life skills. We have created a curriculum to maximise learning and present a high degree of challenge.

Pastoral Care

Mental health, wellbeing and safety

In order for children to learn, they have to feel safe and they have to feel included. Find out more about how we support children's emotional and mental health and wellbeing.

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