Children at Henleaze Junior School achieve great things

Achievement, for us, is not just about test results; it is about happiness, self-confidence, independence and initiative.

We celebrate children's achievements in sports and in the arts. We are proud of the achievements of our staff, who are dedicated to their own professional and personal development.


Henleaze Junior School has been judged Outstanding by OFSTED in 3 consecutive inspections - 2005, 2009 and 2013.

The school was last inspected by OFSTED on 1st and 2nd May 2013.

Key Stage 2 Results

Henleaze Junior School pupils achieve excellent results in the Key Stage 2 SATS. Most importantly, most of them meet the targets we set for them as individuals in each year group. Value Added indicators show the amount of progress children make from end of Key Stage 1 to end of Key Stage 2. Our "Value Added" varies from year to year depending on the number of children on the Special Education Needs register and the percentage of the intake already at Level 3, which tends to be high.

From September 2015, levels are no longer used to measure children's standards. The government has withdrawn the old level descriptors and schools now use their own forms of assessment. We see this as an opportunity to provide much more meaningful information to pupils and parents about children's learning and progress. You can find out more about the HJS Assessment Framework on our Assessment and Reporting page.

The first year of reporting end of key stage results without levels was 2016. Children who completed Year 6 in July took the new style of tests and were judged against the Interim Teacher Assessment Framework for End of Key Stage 2. They were tested in 3 subjects: Reading, Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling and Mathematics.

In each subject, they were graded either AS (meeting the required standard) or NS (not meeting the required standard. To meet the standard, they had to score at least 100 in the test. Although it was not reported to children or parents, an additional measure was introduced when the results were published for children achieving a high score of 110 or more. The Progress measure is calculated using a formula to compare the Key Stage 1 levels with the new Key Stage 2 results. Extreme caution should be used when trying to infer anything from the Progress measure. The DfE's own report declares that the national expectation this year was -5 for Reading, -7 for Writing and -5 for Maths.

Key Stage 2 SATS Results 2017
AS (100+)
High Score (110+)
Average Score
Progress measure
Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling
Writing (Teacher Assessment)
Reading, Writing and Maths

The Department for Education publishes national Performance Tables on their website.