Home learning Week 2

Our second week in our new learning environments.

Hello Year 3’s.

We hope you all had lots of fun in the sun last week.

How are you all getting on with your home learning? Thank you to everyone who has sent over their activities and work. We have loved looking at them.


Why not have a go at practising some securing skills this week in maths or could you teach your parents how to do add, subtract, multiply and divide?

Have a look at these helpful videos if you can't quite remember how to do the methods:




Subtraction  - We don't yet have a video for the way we have learned stealing subtraction. This is a video from Espresso which uses number slightly bigger than we would normally use (We have been using 3-digit numbers and subtracting two digit numbers) but it is a good reminder of how to steal in subtraction questions. 


In English you could try and find nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs in books, magazines or newspapers. Are there any words that you don’t recognise? Maybe you could look up their meaning in a dictionary.

Have any of you read any good books? Miss Jones is currently trying to read as many books as she can - until the pile of books reaches her knees.

Have any of you been doing any art? Miss Cutler painted a rainbow to put in her window yesterday.

In Science you could have a look at Espresso and find out the different parts of plants. I wonder if anybody’s seed has started to sprout yet?

We know some of you have had a few problems logging on to Espresso. The link should now work but if it doesn’t, if you type ‘Discovery education’ in to google and then when you are on the webpage you click on ‘login’, you should then be able to click on ‘Espresso’ and login. Let us know if you find any problems.

Keep letting us know what you have been doing and keep up with the Joe Wicks workouts.


The Year 3 teachers.