Home learning Week 1

Our first week in our new settings

Hello everyone, 

We've been thinking of your all lots and lots and missing you. It's a very strange time we're in but we are pleased that you are all safe. The teachers have been doing a bit of everything. Sometimes we have been in school, sometimes we have been working at home, sometimes we have been looking after our families but lots of the time we have been relaxing and we hope you have been too. 


How are you all getting on with your home learning? Please let us know what you have been doing. You could send us pictures or examples of your work or anything you're proud of. We would love to see them. All the Year 3 teachers check their email addresses (which are on the emails Mr Barber sent to your parents). 


If you haven't already then why don't you have a look at the website 'Pobble'. There are some really great writing ideas each day. In school we wrote a diary entry about a set of school children walking along in the snow and we drew what their school might look like. Pobble


In Maths you could have a go at setting up a shop and selling things to your family. Could you make your own money out of cut up pieces of paper and give them the right change after they have bought something? Imagine if 5p coins were actually rainbow coloured or £1 coins were made from glittery paper. 


In School, the Year 3 and 4 class has named itself 'Mash Potato Cheesy Blob Land'. We have even changed the names of the days of the week. Have any of you named your new classroom? 


I'm sure lots of you have been joining in with Joe Wicks' PE lessons each morning. We certainly have and it's a great way to keep us all connected. Miss Cutler has very sore legs, Miss Browne has been doing some amazing frog hops, Miss Jones has been doing the plank continually since Monday morning and Mrs Adams has been sleeping in her trainers so she is ready as soon as she gets up in the morning to start PE. 

Recently we have been doing 'Cosmic kids' on YouTube for some of our Mindful Movement lessons in PE. You could give it a go at home too. We love the Harry Potter one. Cosmic Kids


Remember to let us know if you've been doing any other activities, anything relaxing or whether you have a daily routine/timetable already. 


Looking forward to hearing from you.


The Year 3 teachers