Easter Break - Week 1

The first week of the Easter holidays

Hello lovely Year 3's. 

How are you all? Have you had a happy second week with your home learning? 

We have absolutely loved hearing from you. You have been up to so much such as creating egg mobiles, labelling the parts of a plant, growing sunflowers, practising spellings, writing stories, doing Joe Wicks and dance workouts and learning to tell the time. Talking of telling the time, you could have a go at understanding time out in the garden or on the pavement. Have a look at these pictures for inspiration. You could use chalk, a hoola hoop, stones, twigs or a large piece of paper. 


Has anybody seen Monkey's videos on the school website. He's a very funny but very wise chimp! Go and take a look if you haven't already. 

It's been so lovely to hear that lots of you have been keeping in contact with your friends over the phone and on video chats. It's really great that you are all staying so close when you are physically far apart. The teachers have been talking to their friends lots too. 

Because its the Easter holidays, we won't be putting up anything new for the next two weeks but watch this space for after the holidays for new things to do and try out. 

Please keep sending over your pictures and messages. We're so happy when we hear from you. 

Right...now go and wash your hands. 

All the best, 

Miss Cutler, Mrs Adams, Miss Browne and Miss Jones