Year 6 Term 5 Week 3

Hello, year 6!


I hope you’ve had an enjoyable and productive week, working on some new skills and revising some pre-existing ones.


We (the Y6 teachers) have been enjoying seeing what you’ve been up to at home – whether that’s been loquacious letters, scintillating science, mind-boggling mathematics OR something completely different. Remember to try and save your images etc of work up until Fridays if you can, before sending them in together by email to your class email address / attaching them to the contact form on the Y6 Home Learning page on the HJS website. We have been uploading a few examples to our wonderful work section, so do have a look at these when you get the chance.



Don’t be too shocked when your teacher calls you up for a quick chat – they aren’t checking up on you to see how much work you’ve been doing, rather they just want to check IN quickly to make sure you are getting on ok and to answer any questions you might have for them (but haven’t been able to email in).



This Friday 8th May is the 75th anniversary of VE day. Now, I’m sure you won’t need me to tell you how important a date this is to commemorate (thanks to all your amazing work on WW2), but maybe you want to find a way to do this at home? Well, then this is the page for you: VE day bunting activity.

There’s a nationwide toast planned on Friday at 3pm to mark the occasion, too – full details here.


That’s all for now. I’m off to unpack my flour delivery…so I can get baking more of THESE…


Look after yourselves, and each other! Mr Heath