Year 4 Term 6, Week 5!

This week you'll still have to keep up the pace for some snappy Elli tortoise learning!

Hello Year 4 and parents

Thank you so much for all the amazing work we have received from you this week. However, if you haven’t sent anything through for a while, please do. We would love to hear from you. We have also been contacting you all individually at home to check-in with you. If you haven’t been contacted yet, you will shortly. 

This week in English, you will develop a range of writing strategies, from: Character descriptions, to how an author creates humour, participating in a National Writing Challenge, writing a book review and looking at the text ‘Slime’ by author, David Walliams.


In maths, you will be applying last week’s learning of decimals to money, using RUCSAC, calculating money, solving money problems, comparing and ordering money and estimating money. We would like to remind everyone that we have not had access to the White Rose maths sheets for a few weeks now as they are a subscription service. Fotunately, we can still access the tutorial videos which link to the BBC Bitesize lessons of the day. If you click on the BBC Bitesize link beside the video (and on the plan) this gives you a choice of worksheets and activities to complete.


Using scientific inquiry this week, you’ll think about natural changes which can happen to the environment and think about what living things can do to survive such changes. We’d like you to be creative and make up an imaginary living thing, thinking about adaptations it could have to survive in its environment.


We look forward to hearing from you soon and Mrs Goulden looks forward to seeing your German work, which we will email to her so please send it in.


Have a great week everyone and don’t forget to keep up your reading. 

Be safe as the weather heats up! 

Mrs James, Mrs Adcock, Mrs Garrett and Mrs Tabley

Some more incredible work this week Year 4!


Look at this curious design! Looking cool Isla! :-)



Are you keeping up with your times tables practise?

Are you keeping up with your times tables? Look at this for accuracy, well done Alfie!

A colourful fish-tastic sunglasses drawstring pouch! You really did become an Elli unicorn this week!



You’ll be thinking you’re in a calm, serene paradise, with these floating gardens!