Year 4 Term 6 Week 3 update

Some exciting challenges ahead, this week, Year 4!

Hello Year 4 and parents

Thank you so much for all the amazing work we have received from you this week. We have been really impressed by the beautiful presentation and the creativity of cartoon characters and sunglass pouches.

This week in English we’d like you to be creative ELLI unicorns and write the next chapter of a story and show us your fabulous writing skills - perfect punctuation, amazing adjectives and adverbs, sensational spelling, sense and sentence openers, characters feelings and hopefully you might even use some of the other skills we have been focusing on in year 4 like alliteration, personification, similes, adverbials and speech.

In maths, we are revising tenths and hundredths and dividing by 10 and 100. We would like to remind everyone that we have not had access to the White Rose maths sheets for a few weeks now as they are a subscription service. Fortunately, we can still access the tutorial videos which link to the BBC Bitesize lessons of the day. If you click on the BBC Bitesize link beside the video this gives you a choice of worksheets to complete.

Enjoy going on a mini beast hunt this week and designing a structure that people could use to grow crops on when their land becomes flooded. We know some of you will enjoy learning how to beatbox too. We look forward to hearing from you all soon and Mrs. Goulden looks forward to seeing your German work, which we will email to her.

Have a great week everyone and don’t forget to keep up your reading. We are hearing about some of you reading 5 books a week! Incredible!

Mrs James, Mrs Adcock, Mrs Garrett and Mrs Tabley


Some fabulous work this week, Year 4.

HJS inspired - sunglass pouch. Let's hope the weather improves so you can make use of them both.

Enjoying a little bit of reading on a couch which he fixed, himself. Looks like a great read.