Competition Winner

Year 4 pupil wins NW24 Writing Competition

We've all been so distracted by the events of the last few months, that we could easily have missed the NW24 Writing Competition. Back in Term 2, children in schools all over the north west of Bristol were asked to write a story, inspired by this photograph:

We asked the question, "Is this the beginning, or is this the end?"

The judging was delayed due to the school closure, but it was not forgotten about. A few weeks ago, we wee delighted to learn that Carmen in Year 4 won the Lower Key Stage 2 category. Here is her story.

Greta’s rules

Whoosh, my long flowing hair flapped in the strong wind as my sapphire bike zoomed over the crackling leaves weaving through the emerald woodland. Birds sang sweet songs and gentle trees greeted me with friendly arms. I loved my trips from school to my grandma’s place.

Breathless and with flaming red cheeks, I arrived to the cosy ancient house where my grandma has lived for the past fifty years. Hers was one of the few houses that was not destroyed by Greta’s rules to expand woodlands in Bristol. It was odd to think the route to my grandma’s used to be jam-packed with buildings before Greta’s thoughts were followed.

My grandma was waiting for me in the peaceful lounge with a warm smile on her wrinkly face. Next to her were some plates filled with steaming hot blackberry and apple crumble that she made from home-grown fruit. On her old, cracked wall there hung a picture of Greta Thunberg on a boat. Grandma loved to tell me great stories about this incredible woman and how she stopped climate change and pollution.

Grandma asked me if I had any homework to do that afternoon. I explained that I needed to make a musical instrument with recycled materials. I couldn’t wait to build a ukulele to use in a school orchestra for a show to celebrate the New Year 2050.

“ALEXA! Can you help me build my ukulele?” I bellowed to my old faithful device.

“Of course.” Alexa replied with a joyful, robotic voice.

I suddenly turned to my grandma with a serious face. “At school, there are rumours that people used to eat cows? I thought you could only find cows in the zoo!”

Grandma nodded “Many years ago, we ate cows and other meat. But we stopped because that was one of Greta’s rules to help save the planet.”

“Wow, I have always admired this incredible woman. Maybe I could be like her one day.” I thought to myself while munching my delicious crumble.

I suddenly heard a familiar rumbling sound of an electric, flying car. I ran towards the window and I waved to my parents who were floating over my Grandma’s garden ready to land their autopilot drone-like car. They were coming for dinner that evening.

“Grandma, what have you cooked for our meal tonight?” I asked with curiosity.  

“I’ve got cabbage and carrot soup which is one of Greta’s special recipes using local ingredients.” Grandma replied enthusiastically.

“Cabbage? I don’t agree with Greta on that one!” I glanced at her with a disgusted face. “It’s not all roses in this current era…” I muttered.

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