Wonderful Writing

Here is a fantastic 500 Word Story by Ava in Class 2 that we really wanted to share. Warning - it is a little scary!

The Chamber by Ava M


Loneliness was a word that Robert had made her best friend, providing her with constant company. The unusual name of Robert had been picked by her parents when they had hoped for a boy. So, when the little girl arrived, they chose to keep it.

Robert lived a happy life and didn’t mind being dressed in boys’ clothes, anything to please her dear parents. But at the age of only three, her life turned upside down.

A terrible fire raged through Robert’s house leaving her an orphan. Much discussion was held between Robert’s distant relatives until they finally decided that her great Aunt was the dominant choice. Unfortunately, they didn’t know her well, she had a corrupted and wicked soul.

It also didn’t help, that the fire had left the little girl with big red, bulging, blemishes on one side of her face. Something her aunt was not accepting of. As a result, she locked Robert in The Chamber and ever since the only emotion that pulsed in Robert was that of loneliness.

The chamber itself could be described using one word, gloomy. There were only two objects in the room, a looming mirror which her Aunt had placed to mock her and remind her she was not the same as everyone else, and a bed which she never used. The mattress was inhabited centuries before by little creatures which made her skin crawl. So instead, she laid on the floor, longingly waiting for someone to save her.

Now, Robert lay awake, too scared to move, thinking about what had happened that morning. She had heard screaming and all the servants running towards her Aunt’s room. She woke, thinking it just been a dream, when in fact it was a terrifying reality. When she’d heard a knock at the door, the little girl had hidden under her blanket.

“Robert,” a servant called.

“Yes,” she squeaked in answer.

“Your Aunt is dead, you are now mistress of the house,” they proclaimed.

She didn’t reply.

Robert got up and went into the hall, it felt like an eternity since she’d last been there. The servant instructed her that she should go and see her Aunt one last time before she was buried. As petrified as she was, Robert built up her courage and said a silent prayer as she hauled open the deep brown oak doors of her Aunt’s bedroom. Robert placed a hand on her chest to calm her nerves. There she lay, a tiny but terrifying figure with bloodshot eyes which stared at her, as she went to the bedside.

Out of nowhere, her dead Aunt spoke, “You did…this t…t…to…m…m….me, I will g…g…get my revenge!”

Then the old lady’s eyes closed, never to open again.

Since then, Robert had not moved, the servants had carried her to the chamber and she had not slept.

Knock! Knock!

Robert tried to be brave, but fear controlled her, she knew who her visitor was.

“Come in,” she whispered.