Last week of term- before the summer holidays arrive!

Last little push Year 4, you can do it, you've been AMAZING! :-)

Hello Year 4 and parents!

We want to say a huge thank you to all children and families for all of your support this year and particularly during these unprecedented times. It’s been a challenge to say the least but one you’ve all certainly achieved! This is the final week now so just keep going. Families and children, you have been terrific Elli tortoises with fine resilience and you will all certainly await a much deserved holiday at the end of term (just one week to go J).


We certainly have enjoyed seeing your lovely, warm, smiling faces in our Teams meetings, last week, and will be looking forward to seeing you in school next week too, to say hello and goodbye when you pop in. Here’s the timetable to remind you.


Select for full detailed timetable for school class visits


What you’ll be doing this week…

This week in English, you will look at features (like alliteration) found in newspapers and you’ll write your very own, read an extract  ‘Be Amazing’ by Chris Hol and continue the last spelling units of the year- adding the suffix –ion to words.


In maths, you will be applying yourself to geometry looking at angles and comparing and ordering them, remember obtuse (like obese really big) and acute (‘cute’ a baby is small and ‘cute’). You’ll later study triangles and their types and finally you’ll complete your Friday challenge! Can you complete all 5?

In science, you’ll continue to think about the environment and which animals are impacted by changes caused by humans, this week it will be hedgehogs, creating a fact file, and enquiring of their habitat.


In topic, this week, you’ll think about your carbon footprint and ways that you can reduce it. You will continue to think about hedgehogs in art possibly drawing making or baking hedgehogs (not real ones), how scrumptious!


We look forward to hearing from you soon and Mrs Goulden looks forward to seeing your German work, which we will email to her so please do send it in.


Have a fab week, be safe and keep up your reading. Which reminds us Year 4, Please remember to gather all of your reading books you’ve borrowed from your Class, especially the Recommended Reads!


See you next week.

Mrs James, Mrs Adcock, Mrs Garrett and Mrs Tabley


Some more incredible work, this week Year 4! 


Look at these gorgeous flowers in watercolour with a glowing candle. :-)

A 3D frog and its lillipad habitat! How very clever.

Super science senses work! How many sense do we have? Do you remmeber?