Term 6 Week 3

What we are up to this week

Hello lovely Year 3's. 

As always it's been lovely to hear from you all over the phone or by email. There is a lot of hard work going on. 

Sometimes we know you might find an activity a bit tricky and that's ok. Remember all the things the Yeti has taught us. Have a go and if you make a mistake then that is ok because we can learn from it. Everyone in the world makes mistakes. Teacher's make mistakes - in fact we did with some of our answers last week. But we are learning from it and at the moment things are still very strange so we are learning how to do things differently. 

We also wanted to let you know that on Thursday 18th June at 11am there will be a live assembly with The Duchess of Cambridge (Kate Middleton) about the importance of mental wellbeing in children. The theme is to 'spread a little kindness'. 

You can find it here when it goes live : 


and it is in partnership with 'Mentally healthy schools' https://www.mentallyhealthyschools.org.uk/ . We want to do our absolute best to look after your overall health at the moment. 

Have a lovely week and keep working hard. We can do this!

All the best,

Miss Cutler, Mrs Adams, Miss Jones and Miss Browne