Term 1 Week 7

A week of descriptions, addition and subtraction.

In English we have been writing a setting description of a library, making sure we use the correct punctuation, adjectives and that it makes sense. Children have then been publishing it.


In Maths we have been adding and subtracting ones and tens from 3 digit numbers.  We have used lot of different resources to help us including the place value counters, Base 10, number lines and place value cards.


In spellings we are looking at words that end in –ing.

The rule is that if there is a short vowel sound before the final letter of the root word (eg run – the u is a short vowel sound before the n) then we double the final letter before adding ing (running). But if it is a long vowel sound then we don’t (eg play doesn’t become playing).


Other notices

Please remember that we are going on a trip to St Peters Church on Wednesday 23rd October so please make sure your child brings a coat in case it rains. We would also appreciate help to walk us to and from the church so please let the office or your child’s teacher know if you are able to assist us.