Term 1 Week 4

What we are looking at this week.

An exciting week of school council elections. Well done to all those Year 3's that put their name forward to be a class representitive. 

English - We are looking at editing pieces of writing. We have also been looking at when to use a or an before a word. Remember, if there is a vowel at the start of the word we use 'an' (eg An orange) and if there is a consonant then you use 'a' (eg A umbrella). 

Maths - We are continuing to look at place value including partitioning numbers and recognising the value of each of the digits. Eg 321 - The three represents 300 and not the value of 3. 

Spelling - We are looking at words that end in -ed but where the root word ends in a y (eg cry = cried) so we have to change the y to an i. 


Other - Please remember that blue communication books should go home and come back to school every day.

Also a reminder that children should be reading three times a week, aloud to an adult.