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Clubs for the year 2021-2022

Emerging from two years of "bubbles" when we have not been able to run our usual selection of clubs, we are very much looking forward to starting up our Choir and Orchestra in September 2021. Once we are settled back into school, other lunchtime or after school clubs may be offered. Watch this space!


Open to anyone who enjoys singing. (Isn't that everybody?) Every year group, no limit on numbers. We meet after school in the Hall on Tuesday, from 3:25pm to 4:20pm. We send out a form at the start of term to all pupils. The Choir performs at Christmas and Easter, and has a lot of fun singing a wide range of songs.


Open to anyone who has been learning to play an instrument for at least 6 months. You don't have to have reached a particular standard, but you need to be able to play a few notes, and you need to have started to learn how to read music. We can give lots of help, and we can write parts especially for you to include the notes you know how to play. The very best thing about playing a musical instrument is playing with other people. When you put your part together with everybody else's, suddenly you have a magnificnet sound! You can apply to join the orchestra at the start of term, and we will invite and encourage all of the children who learn instruments in school to join when we think they are ready.

The Orchestra rehearses in the Hall on Thursdays, from 3:25 to 4:30pm.

Sports Clubs

Shine run our sports activities for us. Each term they publish the range of clubs on offer on their website. Parents can book for single sessions or for several in advance. 

For more details, visit our Before and After School page.

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Clubs may include