Twelfth Night

Year 6 trip to Bristol Old Vic

On Thursday 15th November 2018, year 6 went to see Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare at The Bristol Old Vic Theatre.

The Scenery

The scenery was really clever. When we walked in, there was smoke everywhere.  Everything looked really realistic! In one scene, Sir Andrew attempted to slide down the pole, but instead he hilariously fell down slower than a slug! There were lots of holes scattered around the set: there was one in the wall, one on the stairs and one on the window. Actors were endlessly peeking out of them.

The Acting

The acting was amazing! They had great stage presence and moved around while talking which made the play very interesting. As well as being brilliant actors, they could also sing and play lots of instruments. At the start of the second half, Sir Andrew, who had been very subtle for the first half, suddenly started to sing, play the piano and saxophone. When Sir Toby and Sir Andrew were drunk, they acted it really well.

Great  Parts  

One of the best parts was when Malvolio came on in his yellow suit and glittery pants then did his song. Most people thought he could be a fashion icon because his hair was amazing when the fan was blowing. The song was catchy and all the year 6’s were singing along and doing the actions. Another great part, was when fool dressed up as Sir Topaz and tried to make Malvolio think he was going crazy.

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