The Trial of Goldilocks

Learning about the law

Ewen Macgregor, one of our parent governors, came to school on Wednesday to host an assembly as part of our 'Primary Futures' initiative.

We are inviting working people to talk to children about what they do, why they do it, how they got where they are from their own school days - and generally give the children a sense of determining their futures and contemplating what those futures may involve in terms of the world of work and lifelong learning. Ewen is a lawyer and his assembly involved staging the trial of Goldilocks with Mr Parr as Judge, the school as jury, and four great actors from Class 4 playing Goldilocks (Mia), Mummy Bear (Lottie), Defence Counsel (Elijah) and Prosecution Counsel (Ben W). Goldilocks was charged with breaking and entering the three bears' house, eating their porridge and breaking Baby Bear's chair. After carefully weighing up the evidence, the jury found her guilty on all three counts.

If you have a profession of which you are proud, and you are excited by the opportunity of talking about your work in order to inspire our pupils, please contact the office, we would love to hear from you.

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