Topsy Turvy Day

Inside out, back to front and upside down for charity

It's all been a bit peculiar here this week. Children have been wearing the wrong clothes in the wrong place, in the wrong order and the wrong way round. The world looks slightly different through upside down glasses. Lessons are certainly different when the pupils become the teachers. Today, we've had all sorts of fascinating lessons: how to make cakes, how to play barricades, all about viruses, and how to look after a tortoise. We've got so many experts in all sorts of things at HJS!

It's been a lot of fun, but for a serious purpose. Children in other parts of the world have had their lives turned upside down by war. Many thousands have had to leave their homes and flee to refugee camps in neighbouring countries, where they do their best to live in terrbly poor conditions, relying on aid from charities and foreign governments. War Child is a charity that provides schools for children in refugee camps in countries such as Uganda and Jordan and supports children in countries such as Afghanistan and Iraq which have been torn apart by years of fighting.

We raised over £1500 by dressing up and by getting friends and relatives to sponsor us for teaching lessons. With the money raised from the Miracle Child and our collection at church on the last day of term, this means we can donate over £2000 to to War Child's Learn To Live campaign. The UK government has agreed to match any donations made before 8th January 2018, so that's even more help for children.

You can find out more about War Child on their website.

And there are more picutres of Topsy Turvy Day on our website.

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