Team Captains

Year 6 have elected this year's team leaders

One of the distinctive features of HJS is the amount of responsibility that we encourage children to take in the day to day life of the school. Every child is in a team, and the good contributions that they make every day are rewarded by team points. Each week, the team point monitors add up all the points and we celebrate the team achievements in assembly on Friday.

Our team captains play an important role in leading and inspiring other children to do their best, not just for themselves but for their team. As such, they are excellenet role models. They are elected by all of the children in Year 6, after presenting campaing speeches about why they are suited for the job.

We are delighted to announce this year's team captains and vice captains as follows:


Captains: Gabe and Maeve

Vice captains: Elijah and Alice


Captains: Emlyn and Ellie

Vice captains: Jacob and Grace


Captains: Seb and Bethan

Vice captains: Rhys and Amelia


Captains: Josh and Emma

Vice captains: Ben and Caitlin

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