Team captains

Year 6 have voted.

Children at Henleaze Junior School are sorted into teams - a bit like Hogwarts, but without the sorting hat. The four teams - Eagles, Kestrels, Rvens and Hawks - are led by captains, who are chosen by the children in Year 6.

We have one boy and one girl captain and one boy and one girl vice-captain for each team. We are delighted to announce the outcomes of this year's election:

For the hawks

The captains are Anna and Ryan

The vice-captains are Lily and Freddie H


For the kestrels

The captains are Annabelle and Harry

The vice captains are Natalie and Ben


For the ravens

The captains are Alys and James

The vice captains are Daisy and Harry


For the eagles

The captains are Gemma and Sam

The vice captains are Raya and Solly

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