Sustainable Living Plan

HJS has a big plan for environmental education

When Molly designed her poster and came up with her compelling slogan, she didn't dare to dream that she might actually win first prize in Asda's national Plastics Investigators competition. Asda have taken her design and had it printed up professionally to use in their campaign to encourage people to reduce their use of single use plastics. The Community Liaison Officer from our nearest Asda store in Filton came to our presentation this morning, and told us that he would very much like to work with our Green Ambassadors on their plans to improve our carbon footprint and our learning about the natural environment.

Mr Parr was interviewed on Radio Bristol on the Emma Britton show on 8th November. He name-checked the Green Ambassadors, who have already held two meetings to draw up ideas for the HJS Sustainable Living Plan. There are three main objectives: to grow food at school; to improve biodiversity on the school site; and to reduce the school's use of plastics. He also explained how our work will support Bristol's Going For Gold bid to become the UK's first gold standard Sustainable Food City.


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