Reading for pleasure

New books for the library

We have taken delivery of the first batch of new books for our library, and we are very excited!

Miss Jones has put together recommended reading lists for each year group, choosing titles that will appeal to children and encourage them to explore new authors and styles. Most children at HJS already love reading, but some get stuck in a rut, once they find an author that they enjoy. There is so much fantastic literature out there for children to explore, we want to make it easy for them to experiment, to take a chance on something different.

Some of the new books are old classics, and some are newly published. We have bought enough copies to put two of each in every classroom, and thanks to a donation from our paretns' association, HENSA, we have a third copy of each to put in the school library.

We will be encouraging children to choose books from the recommended lists and to tell us what they think about them. You can't beat a good recommendation from a friend!

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