NW24 Big Bake

Report from Christchurch on the inter-school baking competition

On Thursday 1st February, Christchurch Primary School hosted a fantastic baking competition – the inaugural NW24 Big Bake. 

The teams gradually arrived for the morning session, carrying their special and top secret ingredients. It was clear from the faces that the bakers were nervous, but raring to go.

The recipe was revealed; a simple biscuit recipe. Concentration, teamwork and smiles were required. The teams got to work mixing their ingredients, rolling out their dough and cutting the shapes (using their special cutters). We had our expert baker and judge on hand – Amy from Anna Couture – to guide the novices. The teams had ‘Help’ cards available to ask for adult help. Teams were super lucky to have Amy as that adult support.

Whilst the biscuits were in the oven, teams decorated their biscuit boxes and branded their biscuits. The finished article was set to cool, placed on display and awaiting the taste buds of our guest judge. All teams worked exceptionally well, but there could be only one winner in each session.

Winning Schools

Morning Session               St John’s
Afternoon Session            Elmlea Junior School

The event was a wonderful success. Thanks to the adults who helped practise with their children and who brought the teams to Christ Church. A big thank you goes to Amy from Anna Couture for her expertise. And above all, well done to our star bakers – they were all wonderfully behaved and competed with smiles on their faces.

Bakers' Report

On Thursday morning we (Beth and Alex) went to a fantastic baking competition. First we went into the activity hall to wait for the other schools from NW24 to arrive. When they had all arrived, we went into the practical room to get ready to bake. We got to pick two special ingredients to include in our biscuits; we chose peppermint extract and choc-chips! We faced three problems whilst we were baking: 1) When we were rolling out the dough it went all sticky. 2) We struggled to separate the egg yolk from the egg white. 3) We forgot to sift the flour. 

But we managed eventually to make 17 super scrummy biscuits. After we finished and had done the washing up, we took the biscuits to the kitchen to be cooked. Then we went back to the activity hall to design our biscuit boxes. A lady from a bakery came to judge our biscuits. After we finished our boxes and put our biscuits in them, we took it in turns to come up and present our biscuits and flavour combinations to the other schools and the judges. We let her taste them and then waited to hear who won. Sadly, we weren’t the winners but it didn’t matter because it was still really fun! Finally, we said goodbye to the other schools and made sure that they took their biscuits back with them.

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