Music Evenings

Two nights of musical talent on display

At the beginning of April, over 160 children performed in our Music Evenings. Tickets for both nights sold out - we squeezed over 200 people into the audience each night, to watch and listen to the array of musical talent.

We've uploaded some video clips to our Music Evenings Album.

Many children have instrumental lessons at school, and we thank their teachers for giving up their time to come along and support them on these evenings. We are also grateful to the staff and volunteers who run our after school musical activities: the Show Choir, Big Band and Orchestra. This year, we have also run an additional lunchtime choir, the Concert Singers, especially for the Music Evenings. All of these big groups played on both nights, starting and ending the first and second halves.

As part of our commitment to music in the curriculum, all of our children have a ukulele lesson every week in Year 4, and many of them volunteer to play in our ukulele orchestra at the concerts.

We know that lots of our children are keen musicians and have lessons outside of school, and it is a privilege to hear them perform too at our Music Evenings. This year, we had pianists, guitarists, a saxophonist, a bassonist and a harpist, in addition to singers and dancers.

Our extra treat this year was the inclusion of the winners of our Battle Of The Bands. Disco Fever performed their version of Shotgun on monday and nameless performed The Cup Song on Tuesday.

Proceeds from ticket sales will go to our enrichment fund, to help us ensure that music and other creative subjects continue to be central to the curriculum at HJS. In addition, HENSA provided refreshments and held a collection to raise further funds for the playground development project.


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