Meet the mayor

Our competition winners visit City Hall

This week, two HJS pupils were the special guests of Bristol Mayor, Marvin Rees, at City Hall.

They entered a competition last November to paint a picture of their vision for the city of Bristol in the year 2030. The Mayor expressed a real interest in hearing what children want the city to be like when they grow up. Lots of children from all over the city sent in their suggestions, and Daisy's was chosen to represent the aspirations of the young generation at a big conference of politicians and business leaders.

Raya added some suggestions to the back of her picture which caught the eye of the judges. Although it was essentially an art competition, they were so impressed by Raya's thoughtful explanation of how she wants the city to be accessible to everyone and  to care for all of its citizens that they decided to award an extra prize.

The girls were invited to visit City Hall on Wednesday. Mayor Marvin met them and showed them round the council chamber, where they both practiced making a brief speech using the chair's microphone. He spent time talking to them about their hopes and desires for the future, and was enormously impressed with their sefl-confidence and maturity. They had lots to say, and they said it very convincingly!

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