The children of HJS go to the polls

For the last two weeks, there has been some enthusiastic campaigning going on as children in each class have put themselves forward for election to the School Council. We are delighted that so many children want to take on this important role in the school.

The School Council meets 6 times a year to discuss issues raised by the classes with Mr Barber. Through the Council, they can let the staff know about things they would like to improve in the school and they make suggestions for special events such as fundraisers. The meetings are chaired by Year 6 councillors, and each class has an opportunity to bring an issue that they have discussed in the classroom beforehand.

Children who want to stand for election have to make speeches in their class to persuade the other children why they would be the right person for the job. On election day, the Hall is turned into a polling station, and we run the voting process just like a real election. Each child is given a voting paper, and they go to a private booth where they put a cross against the name of one boy and one girl that they would like to represent their class. The folded paper is posted into the ballot box, and when each class has finished voting, the slips are all counted.

The Team Captains and Vice Captains run the election, including the count of the votes, with a little training from Mr Barber. They did such a good job this year that in one hour, all 380 children had cast their votes and the results had been calculated. The new councillors were presented with their School Council badges in Celebration Assembly in the afternoon.

Well done to all of the children who stood for election - it is a bold and adventurous thing to do, and even if they didn't win, they will have learnt a lot from the experience. The full list of school councillors will be published on the School Council page of the website.

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