Election day

Voting for the school council

Children at HJS went to the polling station in the Hall today to vote for the councillors they want to represent their class this year.

The School Council is a very important group of people. Through them, children are able to let the teachers and leaders of the school know what they think. They make suggestions about how to make the school better, and they tell us the things that children are concerned about. They meet about once a month. Year 6 councillors chair the meetings, and Mr Barber attends to make sure it all runs smoothly.

The election was run just like a real council or parliamentary election. Children who wished to stand had to be nominated by two classmates, and then had to run a campaign to persuade people to vote for them. They made posters and flyers, handed out stickers and made speeches. This morning, each class came down and cast their votes in a secret ballot - marking a cross by the name of the boy and the girl they would like to represent their class, and posting their folded paper in the ballot box. The team captains and vice captains managed the proceedings and counted the votes. The process went so smoothly that in just one hour, 380 children had cast their vote and the results were ready for final checking.

Cooincidentally, this week is national Pupil Voice week. The theme of Mr Parr's assembly on Monday was "Your voice, your choice."

The results will be posted on the School Council page of the website and the first School Council meeting will be on Monday 2nd October at 1:30pm.

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