Cycle training

Year 4 Level 1 Bikeability

Over the last two weeks, a record number of our Year 4 children have taken part in cycle training. 86 children have spent half a day learning and practising skills on the playground with Linda and Sarah, our Bikeablity trainers. We know that lots of children enjoy exercise and healthy lifestyles. We encourage them to learn to ride a bike safely and responsibly so that they may feel confident about cycling to school.

This year we have been delighted to see some children actually learning to ride their bikes independently for the first time. In Year 5, we give our children the opportunity to sign up for Level 2 training, which involves four sessions out on the local roads, learning how to manage safely and be aware of the dangers. Level 1 is all about developing balance and control, so that they are not wobbly, can look around them to assess danger, and, most crucially, can stop when they need to!

Congratulations to all the children - Linda and Sarah were very impressed with how sensible everyone was, and how much progress they made. Thank you also to the volunteer parents who helped to supervise.

Gallery - Level 1 Cycle Training

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