Club offers

Something for everyone

We had 220 requests submitted online over the last week for school clubs, which are run by our members of staff as part of our extra-curricular activities offer. With 16 clubs to choose from, including some before school, some at lunchtimes and some after school, we were able to allocate at least one club to everyone who got their form in by last Friday.

Musical Theatre, led by Miss Cutler, was the most oversubscribed club, with nearly 100 applications. We've doubled the number of places by splitting it into two groups: some children will be in Terms 1 and 2, working towards a performance at Christmas, and the others will be in Terms 3 and 4, working towards something at Easter. Unfortunately, that still leaves 50 children unsuccessful, but many of those have got places in Show Choir, which has also increased the number of offers because of huge demand.

Beginners Code Club is also very popular. Again, we have allocated some places for Terms 1 and 2 and some for Terms 3 and 4. Advanced Code Club will run for Terms 1 and 2, and then there may be space for some beginners to move on to advanced after Christmas.

Children who want to join any of the sports clubs offered by Shine are still welcome to book places using Shine's website.

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