Christmas music

HJS celebrates!

It seems so long ago now, when Year 3 first became juniors, when Year 4 stopped being the youngest in the school, and when Year 6 took on all the responsibilities of being the oldest. Year 5 will no doubt be holding onto great memories of their trip to Dean Field in October.

So far this academic year we’ve launched an extension to the Adventure Playground and a new project called Agents of Change. We’ve elected School Councillors and Team Captains and Green Ambassadors. We’ve learnt about Romans and Greeks and Anglo Saxons and Vikings and America and Bristol. We’ve played music and sports and raised money for charity. We have so much to celebrate!

The Christmas Celebration at St Peter's Church was an uplifting and joyful experience. We packed the place with our children and their extended families, and all fo the children participated in readings, choral speaking and songs celebrating the winter season and the festival of Christmas. As a souvenir, here are some snippets of the Orchestra and Show Choir rehearsing the day before.

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