Christmas Cake Competition

Stunning creativity and technical skills!

We are always absolutely amazed at the effort that goes into our annual Christmas Cake Competition (CCC). Apparently, planning for some of these creations begins in the summer: ideas are developed, sketches are drawn, practice runs are conducted. Children enter year after year, either in the hope of winning a first prize, or just for the fun of making a mess in the kitchen!

You can see all the winners in our Christmas Cake Photo Album.

Congratulations to Fleur in Class 12, Arlo in Class 11, Evie in Class 10, Alice in Class 9, Evie in Class 8, Isla in Class 7, Freya in Class 6, Peter in Class 5, Sophie in Class 4, Dexter in Class 3, Louis in Class 2 and Joel in Class 1 for coming first in their classes. They each win a chocolate Santa Claus, wrapped in recyclable packaging!

There are so many wonderful entries that the judges have a hard time choosing one winner from each class. This year, they have given Special Commendations to four inspiring cakes:

Congratulations to Carmen in Class 8, Bethan in Class 3, Charlie in Class 2 and Elijah in Class 1, whose cakes you can see below.

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