Choral speaking

It's our new big thing!

Choral speaking is the art of interpreting and reciting poetry or prose with a group of people.

We were introduced to the idea last year at our NW24 INSET Day, when a teacher from Horfield C of E Primary School delivered some training to colleagues from all of our partner schools. We were so excited by it that we booked our own training with a director from Bristol Old Vic last September. SInce then, teachers have begun using the technique to help children get excited about literature. They think about the sounds and meanings of each word and phrase in the text, and work out how best to speak it or act it for an audience. It not only helps them to think more deeply about what they read, but it also gives them enjoyment and self-confidence when they perform in public. Families will have seen some wonderful examples at Christmas time in our celebration at St Peter's Church, and next week, Year 3 parents will see choral speaking integrated into the Year 3 Assembly.

Miss Jones signed up a group of enthusiastic volunteers from Years 3 and 4 to learn and perform a piece for the NW24 Conference on Wednesday 11th April. This annual event brings together Heads, Governors and other school leaders from all the schools in the North West corner of Bristol to collaborate on ways to improve the school experience for all of our children. Last year's conference resulted in this year's Bake Off and Spelling Bee competitions, amongst other things. This year, we kicked off the morning with a choral speaking performance from three schools: HJS worked together with St John's and Horfield Primary Schools to show how powerful and enjoyable choral speaking can be.

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