Spectacular storytelling from Bristol Old Vic Theatre School

On Tuesday morning we were treated to the latest touring production from Bristol Old Vic Theatre School.

Every year, the second year acting degree students take a play on tour around the primary schools, performing specially devised performances to young children. What a great privilege it is to see such talented young performers using all their creativity to bring stories to life using simple scenery, props and costumes. In this show, they wove together an ancient Anglo Saxon legend about a hero monster slayer and a modern story about a mother and daughter coming to terms with their own monster, in the form of illness.

We loved the way the historical characters spoke in Old English and the modern characters translated. We enjoyed the way the actors created the mountains, seas and bogs of the landscape just using the shape and movement of their bodies. We learnt about the language and customs of the Anglo Saxons, both through the story of Beowulf and through the modern day mother (who was a lecturer in Anglo Saxon history) explaining to her daughter.

Our children were a fantastic audience, all absoultely engrossed in the action. The actors and stage manager all commented on what a joy it is to perform to such a responsive audience. The staff and children would like to thank the students and the writer/director Toby Hulse for bringing us this great show.

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