Battle of the Bands

HJS musical talent on show

We have been overwhelmed with the array of talent on show recently in the Battle of the Bands. This week, we have enjoyed watching the finalists perform on stage. We've had piano, jazz clarinet, rap, ukulele, girl bands, Disney, and punk rock.

All the acts rehearsed in their own time, and all put a lot of effort into their stage presentation as well as their music. The judges were impressed by choreography and slide shows, but most of all they were looking for musical excellence.

Our worthy winners from Years 3 and 4 were Disco Fever, who performed George Ezra's "Shotgun", complete with Hawaiian themed costumes and backdrops. They got the audience clapping along, and clearly loved being up on stage putting on a show.

With so much variety, it was tough to choose a winner in the Year 5 and 6 competition. After much deliberation, first place went to Nameless. Not content with just practising and performing the "Cup Song" (a feat in itself, as you'll know if you've seen it on You Tube), they created their own mash-up, layering two other songs on top. The rhythm and harmonies were faultless.

HJSTV filmed the finals, so we'll be putting up some highlights shortly.

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