Year 6 Home Working Week 2

Hi Team!


Can it really only be a week we’ve been apart - seems much longer!


Miss Slade has been busy this week baby herding and investigating new ways for us all the stay in contact (watch this space), Mrs Sormani has been finding out just how fun it is teaching her own children, Mr Heath has been marking writing from the comfort of his van and Mrs Spence has been chatting away to her smallest colleague Pepe - not sure he’s that interested to be honest!

We hope you are  all keeping busy and making sure you don’t spend all your time on screens - Mrs Spence would like to remind us that if you’re ever not sure what to do the right answer is always reading - nothing will prepare you better for next year.


Have a look at last week’s blog for more ideas for activities but this week we have been inspired by:

  • Lego Stop motion animations. This panic buying one is good - but we reckon you could do better

  • Mondrian style chalk art (you might need to google that one!)

  • Make an egg mobile! You can take a picture or make a short video and email it to your class address we will send them all on to Mr Barber for his judgement

  • Did we mention reading?!

Have a great week - stay safe and keep learning, now go wash your hands!

Year 6 Teachers