Y6 Week 5

This week in maths, we have been revising subtraction including when (and when not) to use the formal column method. Look out for arithmetic tests coming home each week, they are great practice for those straightforward calculation questions that just need lots of repetition. In year 6 we are drivers and learn from our mistakes!

In English, we have been having lots of fun running mock trials for Goldilocks and Stanley Yelnats. We have been learning about the formal procedures and language used in trials in preparation for writing formal letters in the next two weeks. 

The spelling pattern this week is suffixes that start with a consonant (-ment, -ness, -ly) usually the root word doesn't change except if it ends in y when we replace the y with an i:

happy + ly = happily 

Don't forget to book your appointment for Parents' Evening, slots are filling up fast and we have lots to share about the children's start to Year 6.