Y6 Term 2 Week 3

What an amazing trip to the theatre we had last week! The show was fabulous, especially the glam-rock Malvolio and it was great to hear the Old Vic full of music and laughter. We had no fewer than 5 spontaneous compliments from members of staff and the public about the behaviour of the children; they were sensible, enthusiastic and polite and we were incredibly proud of how year 6 represented HJS!

Back to real life, in English we are beginning a unit about refugees. We will be writing a story set in a refugee camp and so will be doing lots of reading and preparation to help us understand the conditions, behaviours and emotions involved. It is always a fascinating topic and the children get a lot of benefit from independent research into the subject at home. 

In Spelling, we are looking at when the ee sound is spelt ie or ei and how to use the "i before e except after c" rule.

In maths, we begin our big push on fractions which will take us all the way up to Christmas. We start this week with ordering, comparing and simplifying fractions. This is a topic many children find challenging but is covered heavily in the SATs and at secondary so any support at home will be invaluable.