Y6 22.11.17

Key messages from the Year 6 Team for the fourth week of term.

This week in English, we have begun thinking about The Snowman in preparation for writing a diary entry from James' or the Snowman's point of view. We certainly enjoyed rewatching an old Christmas classic and are ignoring the fact it's still November!


Meanwhile, our spelling focus is on -ible and -able using 3 important facts:

1. Most words ending in –ible don’t have an obvious root word:

 vis + ible = visible        

terr + ible = terrible

2. Most words ending in -able do have an obvious root word:

consider + able = considerable       

reason + able = reasonable

3. More words end in -able than -ible.

These facts can help you to work out whether to use -ible or -able. Of course, there are some words that don’t follow the pattern. The root words; resist, access and response  have the ending -ible:

In maths, fractions continue to be our raison d'être. We have been adding and subtracting regular, improper and mixed fractions including those with related and unrelated denominators!

Don't forget to click on the link for the Redland Green Church visit to give consent for your child to attend. There is no cost for this trip but we are still short a few parent helps. If anyone is able to join us for a lovely walk please let the office know.