Y6 15.11.17

Key messages from the Year 6 Team for the third week of term.

In English this week, we are editing and improving our refugee stories focusing on improving our descriptions with expanded noun phrases and fronted adverbials. We are also trying to show character and personality using dialogue and action.

In maths, we have begun to tackle fractions thinking about comparing and simplifying fractions with differing denominators. 

In spelling, we are looking at the ee sound spelled ei and ie. Remember the ee sound is spelt ei if it comes after the letter c. It is also spelt this way in protein, caffeine and seize. 

Our RE trip to Redland Church will be in the week after next, look out for a school comms with details and dates.

As it is winter, please ensure your child has a coat. Particularly at lunchtime,  it can get very cold and the rest of the school will follow the example set by Year 6!