Our first update from the Aisle of White!

Dear HJS families, 

We have arrived safely at UKSA, and everything is shipshape and Bristol fashion!

As usual, we wasted no time in getting stuck into activities, with the children getting throroughly soaked on arrival yesterday with some water-based team games. It was then time for dinner, before pool games and a (relatively) swift bedtime. 

After attempting to eat our own bodyweight in sausages at breakfast this morning, we headed off in our groups for paddle boarding, kayaking and keel boating. It was great to see everyone learning some new skills and working together as a team (especially trying to push the teachers in).

Mrs Spence has reported some interesting results so far from the room inspections - including ornamental room sloths and amazing magic tricks!

No doubt there will be some tired little mariners this evening, but we will back in action tomorrow for windsurfing, dinghy sailing and....the highlight of our outing to Sainsbury's!

More news soon,

The UKSA team.                                                                        

UKSA photos.