Secondary school applications

Details from our parents' meeting

On Wednesday, Jim Britton from Bristol School Admissions came to speak to Year 6 parents, to explain the process for applying for secondary school places. He gave a very clear account of how applications are managed and how places are allocated. The most important messages were:

  • Don't panic - the deadline for applications is not until the end of October, and you don't improve your chances by getting in earlier.
  • Use all three of your choices - you don't gain anything by only putting one school down, and in fact may make things worse for yourself if that school is heavily oversubscribed.
  • It doesn't matter what order you put the schools down - take no notice if anyone tells you that you have to put popular schools down as first choice. The school doesn't know what order you put them in when they receive your application. If you live closer to your third choice school than someone who put them first, you will be above them on the list.
  • Everyone has to apply online using the Bristol Application Form - even if you have siblings at the school already and believe you are guaranteed a place. Some schools, such as St Bede's, also require you to fill in their own form as well.

All the information you require is on Bristol City Council School Admissions website.

The slides from Jim's presentation are on the Year 6 Letters page.

Also on the Letters page is the note we sent out this week telling you which secondary schools our children went to this September. In the same letter, we published a summary of the dates of open mornings and open evenings at our local secondary schools.