MOB Day 3 and 4

We've been so busy we almost forgot to blog! Yesterday afternoon, we fired trebuchet, created new tribes (including real camp fires) and enjoyed crazy Olympics in the sunshine. We enjoyed free time visiting the animals, playing football and singing Greatest Showman tunes in our rooms then turned in for the night. 

It was pain-au-chocolat for breakfast which was a delicious surprise then straight back to it. After individual activities we all came together before lunch to compete as teams on the assault course. There was very impressive support, teamwork and resilience on display and Magpies squeaked a close victory much to Ben's delight!

This afternoon we have been crossing the river on self-made zip lines, except poor Finlay who got an early bath and lucky Poppy who got a private piggy back crossing from the lead instructor himself!

Now that the joys of the disco are over the children are settling for their last night of fresh Somerset night-air before our departure in the morning.

As always we will return to you exhausted but satisfied with a week of fun well-earned!