MOB Day 2

Day 2 at Mill on the Brue

A jam-packed day is underway in the glorious Somerset sunshine!


After our delicious lunch yesterday, we enjoyed an afternoon of crate stacking, exploring, assaulting coursing and raft-building (with varying success - wet feet Harry?!) Later after tea (and after Miss Macadam's Ruler-of-Doom made an appearance in room inspection) we all decended to the campfire for stories and songs.


Year 6 MOBsters were in fine voice and their singing/shouting echoed across the valley before the blissful contented silence of cocoa-time! 


After a slightly earlier night, we awoke this morning to crystal-clear blue skies and scrambled eggs, lush! We have spent the morning pushing our teamwork and communication skills through zipping, bridge crossing and archery and have all tried to encourage and support each other as we take on new challenges - even putting your finger in a wormery, ugh!


There are a few new pictures on the gallery page:

MOB 2018 Gallery

RIght, now to find out what's for lunch...