Friends we'll never forget from Mill on the Brue

One of the things we're loving about our time at MoB is the wonderful animals here: chickens, dogs, sheep, Miss Effie the Shetland pony and perhaps most of all, Harry the Donkey. Here he is joining in a team photo with the Otters. Apparently he's often quite grumpy, but the instructors told us today that he has never been happier and that's because HJS children are showing him so much love (often of the cupboard kind). 

It's been the perfect day today: amazing teamwork, brave risk-taking, glorious weather, glamorous disco outfits and a whole lot of friendship going on. In fact the only thing that hasn't been perfect is the technology: the wifi has been too slow to get all our amazing photos up on the HJS website this week. But we'll get them up there next week, and this weekend can be all about families finding out what their loved ones have been up to by listening to all the stories of adventures and triumphs.