Day 2 on the Brue, and the fun just keeps coming

We've got wet, we've got muddy. We've built rafts, we've built trebuchets. We've stacked crates, we've tasted French sorrel... you get the idea: we've been busy! Having great fun, making great friends, trying new things, reaching new heights (literally) and having the times of our lives.

We've been amazed by the Magpies: Anika, Ben H, Lily, Is'haq, Emily, Abdullah, Larissa, Jonny, Lottie, Raivo, Manon. 

We're over the moon about the Otters: Filsan (Happy Birthday!!!), Ben W, Sammy, Bob, Connie, Jakub, Immy, Leo, Isla B-H, Laurence, Alice.

We're seriously impressed by the Squirrels: Alaya, Daniel, Hannah, Isaac, Isis, George, May, Seth, Jess.

We're super keen on the Swallows: Isla B, Logan, Alexie, Scott, Marley, Jake, Ebony, James, Abby, Phoenix, Tina.