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Badminton magnetism workshop

On the 4th of November 2017, a group of 17 year 5 pupils went to Badminton school for a magnetism workshop. When we arrived, Mr Williams told us not to touch anything that was smoking and made a joke about smoking being bad for your health. We were split into teams of 3 or 4. Each team had an area of magnetism which were ferromagnetism, magnetic waves, electromagnetism, paramagnetism and diamagnetism.

We did experiments with things such as liquid nitrogen, ferrofluid (which is basically black ink in oil that’s magnetic) ,grapes because they are magnetic and blow torches! Each group had a year 10 or 6th form leader and an i-pad to make a presentation on their area of magnetism. We had a practice run to make sure we were O.K with it all.

The presentations were about 10 minutes long each and included videos, photos and live speech. Parents, brothers and sisters came to watch the amazing talks and enjoyed all of them including Mr Williams’ special one of his own involving dangerous 400 kilogram force. We all had an amazing time and we would like to thank Mr Williams and the year 10s and 6th formers for providing it.

By May, Nadhifo and Ethan

Badminton Science Workshop

On Tuesday the 3rd of October we had a visit from Badminton school.

It was a liquid nitrogen themed workshop. The instructor was called Mr Williams. He was very kind and let some of the Year fives help in some experiments such as smashing a banana, tickling flowers and hammering in blue tac nails. He was assisted by a group of year 10 and 11 girls from Badminton.

We all had to wear special science goggles to protect our eyes and we were not allowed to take them off in case we got blinded by bits of flying glass or flying banana.

We all learned that liquid nitrogen can burn you if you touch it with your whole hand but if you touch it with your finger tips it's alright.

But most people would agree the best part was eating ice cream which was made using cream, caramel, vanilla extract liquid and nitrogen.

Year 5 had a really great morning and we learned a lot.

By Lottie, Nadhifo and Marley

Year 5 residential visit

Read all about it, and watch our Viking Assembly

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