Year 5 Update 18/09/2018

What we're up to this week

Another week, and year 5 are now settling down in to a good working rythm. This week letters are going out about our exciting Deanfield trip, and you are all invited to come along to the information evening on Tuesday 9th October at 6pm, in the school hall, to find out more about the trip. Children have now been allocated a group, either A for the beginning of the week, or B for the end of the week. We did not ask for group preferences, as this would have made it organisationally challenging, however there will be a chance for the children to express a preference when it comes to dorm rooms. This will be worked out closer to the time, and will be covered in the information evening.

Literacy- We are continuing on with our work on 'Beowulf' this week, rewriting the exciting clash between Beowulf and the monster Grendel using some powerful vocabulary we've managed to magpie from the text. We are starting to look at parts of speech, and recognising different word types (verbs, prepositions, etc).

Spelling- This week we are sending home the children's green workbooks, as we are beginning our work on year 5 spellings. These need to come in to school everyday, as children will use them to log any words they encounter in their work that they need to practise. We are starting with words using a silent 'b'-please encourage your children to practise this pattern at home-and see if you can spot any as you go out and about!

Maths - We have covered a whistle stop tour of roman numerals, which the children really enjoyed-it was a couple of days of codebreaking to really get their logic hats on. We are now looking at rounding numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1,000, and using place value to order numbers up to 10,000.