Year 5 Update 13/11/2018

What we're up to this week

So we're well and truly getting stuck in to this term now, the children very much looking forward to having the opportunity to show off all the fantastic work they've been doing during our two open afternoons this week. Just a reminder that we ask parents of children with surnames A-K to try and come in this afternoon, from 1.45-3.15, and then the parents of children with surnames L-Z to try and come in tomorrow at the same time, to have a look through the children's books, and talk to them about their work. Obviously, if you can't make your 'assigned' day, you are more than welcome to come to whichever open afternoon you can, this is just a way of trying to share out the children out of class each day.

Literacy - This week, we will be starting a new focus, looking at persuasive writing, with the aim for children to write a persuasive letter to a Viking warrior at the end of the unit. They will be trying out various persuasive techniques in class, so watch out at home, they might try them out on you too!

Spelling - We are finishing off our work on the tricky -able spelling pattern. Please try to help your children practise these words, and ask them to explain the rule for changing a y to an i (rely/reliable) or losing a y (misery/miserable) or leaving it where it is (enjoy/enjoyable).

Maths - This week we are beginning our work on multiples and factors, using our times tables knowledge and some other patterns to start to recognise them.

PE - This term, in our class PE sessions (not with SHINE), we are going to be doing some circuit training! We have watched some videos on different strength activities, and made sure we are completing each exercise correctly. Below are the videos we watched in class-why not challenge yourself at home to a few push ups? I'm sure your children would be more than happy to help you with your technique!

Sit ups


Press up


Tricep dips