Welcome to year 5

Weekly update of what's going on in year 5

And so another school year begins! It has been wonderful getting to know everyone over the last few days, as we settle in to our new routines. We haven't waited around, but have gotten stuck straight in to our work, trying to remember how to get our brains functioning again after a long break!

Literacy - We have started tooking at our class book 'Beowulf', the adaptation by Michael Morpurgo, and will be basing our writing on this text over the coming weeks. We will be looking at different tenses and language devices, as well as developing our reading skills by extracting as much information from the text as we can.

Spelling - We are spending the first few weeks revising year 4 spelling patterns and orange words, to make sure that all children are as secure as possible before moving on to look at our year 5 patterns. Please help your children with these at home-each class will be covering different patterns according to their classes gaps, so ask your child what they need to look over.

Maths - We are looking at place value and the number system this term, starting by finding value of numbers up to 5 digits. We are continuing to practise the times tables at any given opportunity, so if you have a spare moment at home, why not try a few quick fire questions to get them really secure?